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Dear Friends,

Living in Belgium has its advantages.
It's near Holland, were DLJM is based.
I personally knew Ad VB, Bass and leader. He used to play with the Fondy
Riverside Bullet Band, one of the best Flemish OKOM bands.
Filip De Smet, trombone player with DLJM, is also an old acquantance. We
once played together in Lugano (Geoff Bull was my room mate there).
Great times, fine musicians.
For anyone interested, I could make contacts with whatever Belgian or Dutch
okom musicians You'ld like.

Peter De Bruyn Sr
Trb/Ldr DSJB

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Dear Joe,

The David Livingstone band is really good indeed. I had them at my festival
in Hungary in 1994 and sat in with them a few times while doing a festival
in Maastricht. Leader Ad van Beerendonk is a fine bassist and slaps a
helluva tempo when he is in gear - and he IS all the time. I have his
address somewhere but it would take time to find it. I am pretty sure that
someone on the list (especially our Dutch friends) can come up with it.

I very well remember the jam session that twe had at our festival: Steve
Pistorius was there with his trio that included Duke Heitger and Duke and
Jan Wouters (tp player of the DLJM band) had long (especially concerning his
age that time) been friends. They blew their horns like fire. All the
players are good. Thomas l'Etienne, cl and sax player of the DLJM still
partly lives in New Orleans, I believe as his wife, great singer Lillian
Boutté (sp?) is from the Crescent City.

I also heard most of the musicians of the band do a job at the late Geleen
festival in the Netherlands - I think, it was the Bunk Johnson re-visited
project with Tom Baker.

All I can do is to give you the email of Philippe DeSmet, trombonist of the
band: philippe.desmet at planetinternet.be - Philippe lives in Belgium and
played with the band every time I saw them. Personnel might have changed but
he surely can help. I hope, his email address is still the above one. I am
not sure as I haven't contacted him for like two years.

I hope, this helps - by the way, I am sure that our friend, JazzJerry has
all their CD's in his catalogue.

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JazzMan Joe wrote:
A friend of mine in Breda,Netherlands sent me a cd of the subject band, The
David Livingstone Jazz Messengers (album titled "In De Klothoeve) I features
the late great musician Tom Baker.......on cornet and vocals plus some very
fine musicians INMHO.  Recorded in 1990

I would recommend it to anyone..........my question to the listmates does
anyone know how to obtain other cd's by this band????

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