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Bob Romans cellblk7 at attbi.com
Sat Feb 8 19:03:58 PST 2003

Thanks, David... it was worse than I thought it was!!
Send him back to Cuba...who needs him?? We have a great many musicians and
trumpet players in this country who are great, and are decent people
besides!! I've met Louis, Doc Severinson, and many others  in person, and NO
one could have been nicer! There's NO excuse for bad manners!
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I sent this message privately to Steve Barbone but it
seems people are wanting to talk about Arturo so here
is the message and his reply.

Hi Dave:

Can't say as how I wouldn't be as pissed as you folks
were if anybody
did that to me. I am surprised he signed a contract to
play without his
own combo. No matter how good one is, there is no
excuse for bad
manners, or contract violation.

I also agree with you that nobody is Louis.

I met him several times and never have known him as
anything but Mr.
Nice Guy. Go figure?  Artistic temperament?


David Livingston wrote:

Steve, I'm sending this to you off-list because I
don't want to the thread to continue that much longer.

Several points about Arturo Sandasshole. We in
Modesto, CA got to see a very different view of Mr.
Sandoval than most of the country. He was contracted
to play a two-night stand of Jazz and Classical with
the Delta College Jazz band (in Stockton, CA) and the
Modesto Junior College (MJC) concert band.

Several weeks after he had signed the contract he
decided that he would use his combo, something that
wasn't discussed in the original contract. Then he
told the organizers that his rhythm section could only
play with specialized equipment causing the sponsor,
who luckily is a music store owner, to cast around all
over northern California to find this equipment.

When he arrived on the Thursday night before the
Fri/Sat gigs, he was rude, overbearing and he refused
to play some of our charts (Specifically, Manteca, the
very arrangement played by Diz's big band.)

The Friday night Jazz concert (I played in the Delta
stage band) he played a large segment of the concert
with his combo, the one he included after signing the
contract, and skipped another of our stage band

The Saturday was even worse than Friday. When he
agreed to the contract one of the terms was that he
play the Hummel Trumpet Concerto with the concert
band. During the Sat. afternoon practice he stormed
offstage saying he would not play Hummel with the
group because THEY were not prepared. This was
complete crap. He wasn't prepared. I had heard him
practicing the Hummel the night before in his dressing
room and it sounded like one of the college kids

In the concert that night, the concert band ended up
just playing some songs that weren't supposed be on
the concert and Arturo played a large segment of the
concert with his combo. The music director, Dr.
Stephen Stroud, announced to the crowd that any of
them could get their money back since one of the main
attractions was supposed to be Arturo playing the

After the concert Dr. Stroud has declared that MJC
will never be involved with guest artists again while
he is in charge of the department.

Steve, I know that the man is an incredible trumpet
player but he isn't infallible and he certainly isn't

David Livingston
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