[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet Players and Cleo Lane

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Well said Steve.  Insularity indeed!  Arrogance of the first rank.
Best Regards,
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> Ivor Jones in sunny Portugal wrote: (polite snip)
> "What I am surprised by is that some good competent musicians and
> especially clarinet players seem rarely to talk about the
> likes of Omer Simeon, Johnny Dodds, and others of their generation, but
> Bilk or Sunshine or Kenny Ball. And I am talking of 60/65 years old guys
> who I would have thought would have gone back to the roots for their
> inspiration. On another subject I was amazed that the wonderful Cleo
> Lane was not known to many of our American friends, another example of
> the insularity of those
> who live across the pond."
> One good thing about the insularity of those clarinet players, good or
> bad, who live across the pond, is that we rarely, if ever, talk about
> Bilk, Sunshine or Ball. We do however talk about Dodds, Simeon and a
> whole host of other wonderful jazz clarinetists.
> Regarding the gentle Cleo, there are quite a few of us (clarinet players
> and others), in the Colonies who are familiar with her and John
> Dankworth. It's just that following our instincts about Bilk, Sunshine
> and Ball, we see no real urgency about discussing Cleo and John either.
> ;-) chuckle VBG
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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