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There is a movie about Arturo Sandoval and his experiences defecting from
Cuba after meeting Dizzy Gillespie, who was on a State Department Goodwill
tour to Cuba, starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan called "For Love or
Country".  A Google search with "Arturo Sandoval movie" will get you to the
information.  Beware... it's not OKOM as most people on this list define it.


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You wrote
"Arturo Sandoval has finished tracking his upcoming record", a tribute
to the great trumpet players of the early to mid 1900's.  Arturo and
Gary Grant produced the recordings, with Quincy Jones in the Executive
Producer seat and Jerry Hey conducting.  Engineering the sessions were
Al Schmitt, Armin Steiner and Eric Schilling. Arturos's solo mic for
the entire project was an R-122...."

I just bought a CD with Arturo playing trumpet with Rocker Rod Stewart
doing the vocals. American songbook standards. While it's not a jazz
record it's a good listener with "no slouch" musicians on board. I had
not heard of this Sandoval before and will watch out for his more legit
jazz work. The Cd was released a couple of years ago but just made it
big time in the shops here. Along with the release of the movie Chicago,
it hasn’t done the gig bookings any harm!

Richard Stevens

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