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James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Fri Feb 7 23:14:33 PST 2003

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On Behalf Of Bill Biffle
>I've been on this list about a week and I'm hoping against hope that
there's some value >coming amidst the vitriol and self-aggrandizing I've

Ouch!  I, for one, have privately written Biff to welcome him to the
list and to ask him to bear with us for the moment.

I also suggested he should have come on board by introducing himself,
not just reading our chatter.  I compare it to walking up to a band on a
break.  You start by saying "Hi, I'm so & so, and I play (or love
listening)....etc."  Then, you get yourself into the conversation.

Our duty, then, is to make the conversation interesting, and generally
along the lines of the subject matter we have elected to discuss at this
particular "meeting place".


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