[Dixielandjazz] Warning - HUB !

BillSargentDrums at aol.com BillSargentDrums at aol.com
Fri Feb 7 12:33:06 PST 2003

I know I'm gonna take a hit for this . . . but what the hey . . .

> At least the French are talking sense this time more that Blair and the 
> others from the funny farm!

This should serve as a warning to all readers.

There is a very serious, incurable disease taking huge numbers of victims.

This disease is more deadly than the AIDS virus and spreads faster than small 
pox, and yet, most media, politicians and doctors are keeping this a great 
secret from the general public.

The disease is the deadly HUB disease.

Head Up Butt.

There is not cure, only hope.

People of integrity expect to be believed, and when they're not, they let 
time prove them right.

Intelligent people want to be alive to see that happen.

It ain't rocket science folks to go back over the past 12 years, the UN 
stuff, the evidence provided by Bush and Powell to the world community.

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