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Thu Feb 6 22:04:47 PST 2003

Jazzman Joe wrote:
You really know how to be offensive in your use of Capital letters in
replying to this young lady who did not even refer to you in her
Dear Joe,

Please, just read the last sentence of the article, YOU sent to the list. It
reads as "Finally I would like to thank Ted Butterman and Charlie Hooks for
providing me with lots of info for this article." Maybe you already have
noticed this by yourself or someone have told you so. Otherwise I can second
Jim Beebe about how nice guy Charlie is. And even though he seemed to sound
fiery, think a little: this nice young lady wrote an article that contains
some mistakes (serious ones from Charlie's point of view) plus mentions him
as a major source which is, according to Charlie, is totally untrue. I
think, Charlie has the right to speak up in this case, no matter how nice
the young lady wanted to be and how much she wanted to promote OKOM.

By the way, Charlie is a good player. If someone is always polite and there
is no inner fire, he cannot be a real good player. And yes, inner fire comes
out sometimes. (Think of Wild Bill.) So, go Charlie, go! (But don't flame!)

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