[Dixielandjazz] Singers

Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 6 10:43:30 PST 2003

on 2/6/03 5:23 AM, Don Ingle at dingle at baldwin-net.com wrote:

> I like Canadians, don't like their overly socialist  taxing policies in many
> matters, but the people are just gracious and friendly to this visiting
> Yank, even if taking my shotgun to hunt grouse in Canada is getting to be
> more bother and red tape than it's worth.

    You got it, Don!  I've hardly ever found a Canadian I didn't like!  And
they have what is probably the best National Anthem is the world: "Oh,
Canada!" is so fine it always mists me up.  We should, IMHO, have always
been one country: The Dominion of North America.

    But, then, I'm an incurable Anglophile, and un-aplogetic as well.  God
bless Tony Blair, standing tall among pygmies (and to think I once derided
him as too far left!)  Sorry, Tony!


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