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Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 6 10:24:44 PST 2003

on 2/6/03 12:05 AM, SelmerFudd at aol.com at SelmerFudd at aol.com wrote:

> I don't know why he did that. Sorry if he did

    Well, Michele, I'm sorry we got at cross purposes, and I'm sure that you
are, indeed, a fine person.  I suppose I was just more than a bit pissed
that Ted would deliberately omit me after all the years I played with him.
But that is not, as you justifiably point out, your fault at all.

    The real skinny is: after being great pals for many years, Ted and I
seem to have had a falling out--at least on his side.  I'm still not sure
why, but I assume it's because I tired of blowing insanely into a clarinet
in a futile attempt to be heard in Wrigley Field; I began bringing a tiny
curved soprano saxophone that cut through the crowd noise, perhaps to the
detriment of Ted's very nice but un-projected trumpet.  Ted did not approve.
As was his right, as leader.  He demanded clarinet "because people like to
see it."  So I brought the clarinet.  It's his gig.  But he knew I objected.

    Then there was a time or two when I had to call in sick.  Running up and
down all those ramps at Wrigley Field requires at least normal health and a
lot of endurance.  If you are in bed, it's really tough.  Ted apparently
didn't believe me.  OK.  His right.  His gig.

    I'm really reaching for reasons: was it that after playing with him for
years at "The Hideaway" (and snorting his coke on occasion--his idea, not
mine) and complimenting me on the intonation of the soprano, did I suddenly
begin to play badly?  Well, again: it's Ted's gig, so he's the boss.

   Was it because at the Village Tavern in Long Grove he eschewed the
trumpet and began playing only the rhythm guitar that is his minimal
instrument?  Did he realize that I (and everyone else) thought this sucked?

    Conclusion: I dunno.  Ask Ted.

    Ted Butterman is a good player.  Strange.  Weird.  But while it's crazy
of me, I like him anyway.  Butterman is one of the good guys.  Why he turned
on me I don't know.  But I wish him well.



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