[Dixielandjazz] More on the White Minstrel Show

G. William Oakley gwilliamoakley at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 5 11:21:45 PST 2003

Regarding Jim Beebe's recollections of white-face minstrel shows.

Hi Jim and interested others:

In doing some more research on the existence of white-face minstrels I came
across the following.  Walter Winchell as a young lad appeared with Gus
Edward's Song Revue.  Edwards was famous for his school kid shows which were
quite popular at the time and were the training ground for a number of
future stars (George Jessel appeared with Winchell).
Winchell himself describes the finale of the Song Revue as follows:
"The finale, 'On the Levee,'  was a white-face minstel show.  I was one of
the kids who helped decorate the stage with bales of cotton and all of those
beautiful girls."

So, your recollections, mine and Walter Winchell's all seem to point to the
existence of the white-face minstrel show.

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