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Hi Charlie
How come we agree on so much these days?

John Petters
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> on 2/4/03 12:22 PM, John Petters at jpettjazz at btinternet.com wrote:
> > Sinatra in '50s was a great jazz performer, but to my ears he was a late
> > developer.
> I'm sure you're right, John.
> My memory (I don't have the disks, either) is that the early Sinatra (of
> "Somewhere a Voice is Calling" period, when he was called "The Voice") was
> primarily a ballad singer, and that there came a time when he lost that
> "voice."  Mafiosoed his way into the movies, proved to be a more than
> competent actor, and began to record swinging up-beat tunes.  The word was
> that he he decided to swing because he could no longer croon; if that's
> then losing his "voice" was the best thing that ever happened to him.
> proof that you don't need a "Voice" to sing: just your own voice.
> Charlie
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