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>Some songwriters write songs so wedded to lyrics that they can hardly
be thought of apart:   >Hoagy's "I Get Along Without You Very

>I'll never forget the first time I caught her, my jaw dropped:
>"Who the HELL is THIS???  Where's she been?  Why do I not know this

For me, Charlie, it was a double-whammer.  I had never heard this Hoagy
tune (which was included in the medley I spoke of earlier), plus I had
never heard Cleo!

>but stretching exercises are mandatory if calcification isn't to
destroy all flexible

I found this out when I was editing & doing montageon, plus mixing &
mastering, 21 CD's of contemporary music in one year (1992).  What at
first sounded real strange to me began to sound just normal, and some of
it crept into my playing at night!  Lot of people walk around with
blinders on, which is a shame.





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