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I  Agree wholeheartedly with Tony.
Classic jazz would be so much the poorer without the influence of the great
jazz era singers - Ethel Waters; Bessie Smith; Ma Rainey; Billie H; Annette
Hanshaw; Peggy Lee,  to name but a few.    As someone has already said, the
lyric so often makes the number.    Taking a post-war example, look at the
way the young Ottilie Patterson enhanced the Chris Barber band in the
Brian Towers,

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> Brian Goggin wrote:
> > To be honest I'm not into jazz singers and I would think most of us who
> > into the pre-war music wouldn't be either.
> Can't argue with personal taste, but the second half of that statement is
> pretty sweeping - can we have a vote?
> > However I do like Louis Armstrong's, Jelly Roll Morton's and Fats
> > singing and don't mind a little singing on record.
> > While an occasional vocal is ok, it's still the instruments that hold
> > most interest.
> But the best singers use their voice as an instrument - and I don't mean
> awful scat stuff that Ella used to do which went down so well with
> but always sounded horribly artificial to me.  I'm thinking of Billie
> Sarah Vaughan, Lee Wiley, to name only three.  And of course Louis
> was a prime example of this - he sang exactly the way he played his horn.
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