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     Cleo Laine is one dynamite jazz singer.  I first heard her about 30
years ago, she did some great recordings with Dankworth, and I had a record
of her with Dudley Moore.  Then I heard nothing from her for a number of
       As far as my own personal tastes go, most singers just get in the way
of the music.  Rarely does a singer show enough originality to warrant her
interrupting the band.
     Cleo is really a breath of fresh air. I recently saw her in a British
made-for-cable movie, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells.  Great movie.
Don't miss it.  Cleo made an appearance with a great jazz group near the end
of the picture, and sang over the closing credits.  She is a real jazz
singer, not just a pop singer who hires jazz players to accompany her.
        Pat Cooke

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> Someone mentioned there are few recordings around by the singer Cleo
> Laine, so I went to her web page.  It is an impressive list of recording
> that the lady has, starting in 1950.  Almost every year right up to now
> shows multiple recordings being made.  She seems to still be going
> strong with extensive tours of the U.S. (including the Kennedy Center &
> the Hollywood Bowl), along with gigs in Canada & the U.K.  She must be
> doing something right.
> Jim
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