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Sun Feb 2 04:52:29 PST 2003

In a message dated 1/2/03 23:29:38, drjz at bealenet.com writes:

<< Did the much heralded increased sales of jazz recordings in the USA that
coincided with the PBS program continue or flop? How about the UK or
OZ/NZ?Anyone know the trade data?  >>

Hi Fred,

I really don't know about the high street shops but the showing of the Ken 
Burns programmes made no difference to my sales one way or another. But then 
again two factors might influence this, a) my sales are to the already 
established specialist market mainly through mail order rather than the 
general public and b) the programmes were initially shown on BBC-TV on the 
less popular channel in strange chunks all after 10 pm (off peak) and the 
repeat was on a small (in viewer terms) satalite / cable / digital channel.

I would have thought that even the original programmes were only watched by 
those who might normally watch a 'jazz' programme.

Incidently I did not sell any of the CDs produced to go with the series at 
all - probably because there are much better albums available of the same 
music and artists!



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