[Dixielandjazz] Help? Wild Bill 1951 Boston

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Eddie Hubble is given credit on this Savoy Album, but I received email yesterday from another DJMLer  informing me that Eph is the bone player on the LP.  Sure glad to have time to get back on the DJML.  Look at all the information so critical to basic survival that I've picked up in just 24 hours!  Wow!
:-)  Dick
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    I'm listening to a November 7, 1951 recording by Wild Bill Davison that was
    recorded in Storyville in Boston.  The clarinet player is listed as Frank
    Chance but sounds more like Pee Wee Russell than any actual human clone
    could sound.  Anyone know if a Frank Chance lived or should the name on the
    album be Fat Chance, instead?

    Any info would be appreciated

    Dick Broadie

     Frank chase is a Chicago clarinetist who is still around but has been mainly inactive for years.  Frank is easily the finest Pee Wee Russell impressionist who ever came down the pike.

  Isn't Eph Resnick on that album?  Eph is-was a pretty good Teagarden impressionist years ago but his style changed.

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