[Dixielandjazz] Sheet music?

David Palmquist davidpalmquist at dccnet.com
Sat Feb 1 11:30:02 PST 2003

If she can find a midi version of the song, she can download that to her 
computer, then open it in some notation processor.  I use Noteworthy 
Composer, which has a shareware version available.  There are others online 
too, but I find NWC is elegantly simple to use, gives a decent output, and 
is very easy to learn.  Check this listing of software:

I don't know if she can print from the unlicensed version of NWC, but if 
she likes it, the program is inexpensive to buy, and she'd be able to print 
the untransposed parts she wants.

Midi recordings made by recording from a midi keyboard aren't always 
precise, though, and there's likely to be a lot of clutter such as 64th 
notes due to inaccuracies in playing.

David in Delta

  At 23:15 31-01-03, Vilcad \(Ron Gable\) wrote:
>Dear Listers,
>I have a young (twenty-four) lady who would like to learn to sing the song
>"Louisiana Fairytale."  Is there a way to download OKOM sheet music from the
>Internet?  She has a beautiful voice and recently sang a couple of songs
>with The Classic Jazz Stompers and would like to learn OKOM to be to do more
>with the band.  You see they're still some young people interested.
>Please advise,
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