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Dave Hanson davehanson at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 1 13:49:44 PST 2003

The Ken Burns series on Jazz, by all accounts, has some distortions and has
omitted various artists that contributed greatly to developing the wonderful
world of "JAZZ".

I would suggest that we be a little more objective and relish the old clips
and sound tracks presented as I found them to be most interesting. Ken Burns
might not have captured the complete essence of "JAZZ", but no one else has
even tried, so for that I give him a big "thanks".

Dave Hanson
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> In a message dated 1/2/03 3:38:09 PM, briantowers at msn.com writes:
> << It is a truly great series, by far the most important liasion between
> and television attempted in the sixty odd year history of the TV media
> IMHO* >>
> <<HI Hans.  Im sorry to tell you that the remarkable thing about Ken Burns
> Jazz Series is the very distorted history of jazz that Burns presents.
> series is loaded with distortions about Jazz and their are very serious
> omissions. >>
> Hans,
> Now you must be really confused!!! Watch - enjoy the bits you like and
> make up your own mind!
> Incidently both versions of the series have been shown on TV in the UK but
> only a strangely edited version on the terrestial channel.
> Cheers,
> Jerry,
> Norwich,
> U.K.
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