[Dixielandjazz] RE: Blattant Commercial & Critics

Alberto Martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Wed Dec 31 17:36:11 PST 2003

 Steve reported:
<<<<<<Recently a "couple of local purists" gave me an unasked for
personal review of our new CD, "Live At West Chester University Jazz
Festival". It was not terribly flattering.>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Anything you do, anyway you play, anywhere in the world, you'll find
"critics" to put you down.  To my not humble opinion, "critics" are the
most despicable category of beings, they are not as worth to the artist
as manure for cabbage.  Any doubt, check the opinion of Bernard Shaw,
Poe, Orwell, or Wild Bill Davison about "critics".   If you have to
listen to any comment (not "critic") - and I think we all SHOULD listen
to comments - we should listen only to those persons that we know, and
that we know they love us or respect our work or accept our way of doing
and being. These  people will help you to improve, and certainly will
not put you down only to prove they know better, to themselves and to
the others.  And usually, these "critics"  talk about what they never
attempted to DO!   So go ahead, Steve with your beautiful work. The
Arabs say:

"the dogs bark, the caravan is going ahead"



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