[Dixielandjazz] For our Central & South American List Mates

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Tue Dec 30 12:34:50 PST 2003

Steve wrote the above subject line, then made the following comment to

Kash, you might find some of this music adaptable to your band's
presentation in Spain. I think you might enjoy the music also. I'm
pretty sure your audience would.

........Steve, I know you are not confusing Spain with South America,
although many Americans do arrive at our restaurants in Spain expecting
to eat enchiladas & tacos.  We only use tacos to hammer into the walls
to later put a screw into to hang a picture....it´s a small, plastic
piece!).     :>

As to your suggestion about using a Boleros, etc., I think I'll back
away from that one.  Our trumpeter played with Prez Prado, so we could
certainly carry it off, but most of the bands  listed in the jazz clubs
here (except our band) are labelled "Latin Jazz", and are heavy on the
percussion, etc.  Wouldn't like to get labelled up with that crowd!  We
do a "chotis" called "Madrid" (written by a Mexican!), but that's as far
as we go (unless you want to count the verse to St. Louis Blues"!!    :>
We also do a percussion heavy version of Caravan, and Hindustan (which
we call "El Africano").  

Thanks for thinking 'bout us, though.  We recently did a 6 nite gig, and
for the fun of it, I purposely chose tunes so as not to repeat a single
tune in the 6 nites, so we're not lacking much on our song list.  (Those
are all head arrangements.)


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