[Dixielandjazz] For our Central & South American List Mates

Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Mon Dec 29 15:23:42 PST 2003

Si -- El bando gigante e El Bando Grosso.
Of course some bands will gross you out more than others.
Donde es esta el Saco por mi cabeza? La Cantina es muy pellagra, no es
Sorry -- don't know how to make those upside down question marks at the
beginning of question sentences.
My umlauts suck, too!
Donaldo El Ingle(s)
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> Hi Steve,
> >PS. If you got that far, don't you just love the name: "El Banda
> Yes I do. I'd probably like it better if it was "La Banda Gigante."
> Cheers,
> Bill "Pero mi banda is muy pequeño" Gunter
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