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> . Although the MM was principally 
> aimed at dance band musicians and their followers it did provide the only 
> regular service for jazz enthusiasts with gig listings and record reviews 
> however 
> flawed. When the ME was relaunched as the NME , aimed at the growing youth 
> market with purchasing power and a taste for rock and roll, the decline of 
> the MM 
> became one of the longest death rattles in history.

Hummm!    Very Interesting,

Gives further credence to the heretofore discussions on this list about the 
demise of Jazz music in general.


Since many Jazz Musicians went the other way and insisted upon being concert 
style only players and insisted that their audiences be less fun loving and 
rowdy free spending youth.

It is no wonder the youth abandoned Jazz for Rock & Roll which was DANCE 
music and most of it remains so today.

Now if we all just went out and gave the kids today some really good hot 
dance music we might be surprised at the acceptance.  But no that would not be hip 
and or Jazz, as many folks like to describe it.


Tom (Dance your Ass off) Wiggins

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