[Dixielandjazz] Big bands - The Melody Maker

Tony Davis tony at tony-davis.co.uk
Mon Dec 29 12:54:44 PST 2003

Hi Bill,

You wrote:

> Tony, can you scour the February 1926 issue and find the context for the
> "Big Band" usage to which Anton refers? I recall browsing those early
> editions while at your place. Were they actually published that early
> (1926)?  I seem to remember the first editions around '27 or '28.

The Melody Maker was indeed first published in January 1926.  Described as "A
monthly magazine for all who are directly or indirectly interested in the
production of popular music" and edited by Edgar Jackson, the first two issues
were priced at 3d - that's 1.25p, or about 2 cents.  (In March 1926 it
apparently merged with the British Metronome and the price doubled to 6d).

A quick visual scan of the February issue failed to find a mention of Big
Bands, but I'll carry out a more intensive search later - first, however, I
need to do some work on the 2004 update of the Bude Jazz Festival website,
which has to be up and running by January 1.



Tony Davis
Harlem/Kaminsky Connection/Zenith Hot Stompers
Aston, Oxfordshire, UK

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