[Dixielandjazz] "If ever I cease to love"

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That tune is on Volume 6: Mardi Gras Time with The Dukes of Dixieland
AFLP-1862 and AFSD-5862 released in 1958.  I'll have my cousin check the
liner notes to see if they mention the importance of the tune at Mardi Gras.
BTW, if you all get a chance check out the new site look and feel at
http://www.TheDukesofDixieland.com .  I've made a lot of improvements
especially in the discography by converting it to an online database
application.  I'm still working on a few items, namely the site search,
feedback form, and message board.  Hopefully these items will be fixed on

Let me know what you think,
Mike Marois

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How important, why, and most crucially, in what way, is the place of
 "If ever I cease to love" in the NO Mardi Gras tradition?

I'm considering the tune for "DixFBv2" and want to add a note explaining
why it's there. It's on a "Dukes of Dixieland" Audio Fidelity album, one of
those Mardi Gras compilations has it, and someone sent me music for re a
gig it 20 years ago.


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