[Dixielandjazz] Battles of the Bands

Linda Marty Schmitz marsch at chorus.net
Wed Dec 24 12:09:58 PST 2003

Hey list mates:

This is a first time missive from me.  I am president of the Madison Jazz Society in Madison, WI.  We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2004.

One of our concerts will be a "battle of the bands" between two local 18-piece big bands.  I want to write a news article about the old battles of the bands but I'm much too young to have been at one (born in 1945).  Can any of you help me?  

Were you ever at one?  How were they set up?  Who did you hear?  Did they really determine a "winner?"  Whatever you can give me that will be of interest to our readers in Wisconsin would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Marty Schmitz

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