[Dixielandjazz] WEBSITE ISSUE John Farrell

Janie McCue Lynch janie51 at socal.rr.com
Sun Dec 28 09:42:28 PST 2003

Just FYI, John...all text and midi files are working fine for me, but your
photo, etc., on your home page, hasn't been accessible for a week or so. I
thought it was something I had done (even though all other graphics & photos
are working fine for me), but apparently not.  Good luck--I hope someone has
an answer--and again many thanks for your wonderful website!

Jane Lynch
John Farrell wrote:
"a couple of graphics refuse to appear
 no matter how many times I upload them and now I am receiving emails... "

Larry Wrote 
I just checked, and the page in your sig http://homepages.tesco
comes up just fine.
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