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Tue Dec 23 23:59:15 PST 2003

Jerry Gordon Wrote (regarding my question about "Something for Annie"):

>"Recorded originally in 1946 by Turk with Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz
>Band. A San Francisco columnist once labeled the YBJB "the minstrels of
>Annie Street," for Annie Street, just behind the Palace Hotel, off Market
>Street, was the address of the famous Dawn Club, cradle of San Fracisco
>jazz, and the scene  of the YBJB's pre-war triumphs."
>If this is the same "Annie," then the answers your questions are that her
>full name was Annie Street, and she drove the band to the Dawn Club in
>her British sports car ;)

Not bad, Jerry.  Not "good" either, but you made me giggle.  I also recalled 
a wonderful Cell Block 7 moment when, a few years ago, we did a concert in 
the Dawn Club there on that little alleyway called "Annie St." off of 
Market.  It was Ed and Dottie Lawless who set it up and we all had a most 
enjoyabld time. It wasn't long after that when the old joint finally yielded 
to time and the Dawn Club, alas, is no longer there.


Bill "I wonder if Annie Street is related to Della Street" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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