[Dixielandjazz] CORRECTION TO Have You Met Miss Jones Bridge

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 22 17:32:33 PST 2003

Harold Smith kinmdly wrotw me off list to point out my typos on the
bridge chords to Have You Met Miss Jones below.

In the 3rd merasure, the Gbm7 should be GbM7 (Gb Major 7)

in the 5th measure the Dbm7 should be DbM7 (Db Major 7)

In the tth measure the Gbm7 should be GbM7 (Gb Major 7)

He also suggests that the lead in chord should be F13th and the first
bridge chord a BbM7 but it is written on the sheet music I have as F and
Bb. Sorry about not hitting the upper case button. Changes per sheet
music incorporated below.

/ F / (lead into bridge)

/ Bb / Abm7 - Db7 / GbM7/ Em7 - A7 /

/ DbM7 / Abm7 - Db7 / GbM7 / Gm7 - C7 /

Notes are (lead in) D D D

C Bb F G / Ab Ab Ab Ab / Ab Gb Db Eb/ E E E E /

E D F# A / Db - Db / Bb / Bb


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