[Dixielandjazz] Bethlehem MusikFest - The ULTIMATE Music Festival?

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 21 23:27:58 PST 2003

Several people have asked me, off list, to elaborate about the Bethlehem
Musikfest. The event attracts an audience of all ages from kids in
strollers to old folks at 80. This is from their promo sheets:

In 1984, nearly 182,000 people attended a small, grass-roots music
festival in Bethlehem, Pa. featuring 118 performers and 295 performances
on six stages. At the time, no one knew how large the event,
"Musikfest"  would grow or how long it would last.

Amazingly, 19 years have passed since that first Musikfest. And from
those humble beginnings, the event has blossomed into a 10-day musical
spectacular that ATTRACTS MORE THAN ONE MILLION PEOPLE from throughout
the country. The festival, which showcases nearly every musical style
imaginable, features:

1,000 performances - the vast majority of which are FREE!
More than 300 performers from across the country and around the globe.
Musical programming at 15 different indoor and outdoor stages.
10 great nights of headline entertainment.
Mouth-watering foods, plenty of children’s fun and activities.
A spectacular closing-night fireworks display.

For hundreds of thousands, Musikfest has become a magical experience,
one they look forward to year after year. It's a time for people to get
together with family and friends, a time to leave your troubles behind
you, and a time to create magic and memories while embracing the sounds
of the musical universe.

After nearly two decades, there's one thing that can be said for
certain, one thing that millions of people have discovered while
attending the festival:

Music is the Magic!

Musikfest is presented by ArtsQuest, a community-focused nonprofit arts
organization founded to “celebrate arts and culture” in the Lehigh
Valley and beyond. Proceeds from the event go to the Banana Factory,
ArtsQuest’s Community arts center and gallery located in South
Bethlehem, as well as other nonprofit groups in the region.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Interestingly enough, many performances are free, yet ArtsQuest manages
to donate the proceeds to varios charities in the Lehigh Valley area of
Pennsylvania. Might be worth your time, Mr. Festival Producer, to find
out just how they do that.

All I can say is google search for "Bethlehem Musikfest", Read about
what they do. Then consider that this is in the hills of Eastern
Pennsylvania. Imagine what such an event might develop into in such a
sophisticated state as California. Or is there too much sophistication
on the left coast?

For the past several years several OKOM bands, including mine have
played there. But there is lots of room. The 2004 dates run from August
1 through August 10, noon to 11 PM. Want to try your luck? Write to the
following contact. Send a PROFESSIONAL press kit plus a CD, Before March
31 to:

Ms. Robin Zaremski
Director, Performing Arts
Arts Quest
25 West Third Street, Suite 300
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Steve Barbone

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