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Sun Dec 21 15:35:51 PST 2003

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> Hi all, about playing were the kids are.
> We have a phenomenon here in the UK called Jamie Cullum. He is a local lad
> who has shot to fame  and fortune in the last year as a jazz piano player
> and singer. . . . . . . . .

> Perhaps staging events which appeal to more than one group but linked
> closely enough to be compatible is one way of getting audiences.

> Just a thought.

Yeah, Pat, just an EXCELLENT thought. Even though what the young man does with "jazz" may not appeal to you, me, John Farrell, Dingo,
and the rest of us on the list, that is not important because in spite of our egos, we are no longer the audience. We are rapidly being
replaced by the kids as "The Audience". It is what they listen to and like that determines the future of music. So, to Jamie Cullum,
good wishes.

To the rest of us, let's play where he plays and get our own shot at fame and fortune. Worst that could happen is that OKOM gets a
little more popular.

Lastly, don't underestimate what SOME "old" geezers can do with this music, in terms of getting a roar of approval from the young
audience. There are a few of us who revel in the kid's reactions. We'll never forget being asked the following question by a 40
something swing dancer at a concert/dance where the kids were screaming for more.

She said: (and she was very serious) "Wow, how do handle all of this adulation?"

Till then, we never thought about it because it occurred at every such gig and we figured the kids were just having fun. Now we realize
that we do have something to do with it. We are grateful and treat it as a gift because we figure it could end at any moment. How do
you turn the kids on? Let me count the ways. (lots)


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