[Dixielandjazz] Jamie Cullum

PJ Ladd pj.ladd at btopenworld.com
Sun Dec 21 13:59:11 PST 2003

I doubt if a 60+ old git doing exactly the same
material as he would make it with today's TV obsessed CD buying public.>

Hi John,

If you could find a 60 plus old git with that amount of energy...I wish

He played a very nice ballad, written by his brother I believe, called New
Years Eve. Sinatra would have taken it to the top of the charts.
Jamies Jimi Hendrix set was definitely not tinkly. It involved standing on
the piano stool and stamping on the keys. Not an activity of which I
approve, but very effective.
As you say John, a very marketable young man. Dressed down,in jeans, and
looking as though he has wandered on stage by accident he is self effacing
and very much still the local boy who has not forgotten his roots. Comes
over well.
I would like to hear him play a pukka jazz concert a la Krall but with his
penchant for choosing  material from way across the spectrum will I am sure
bring in a lot of people who wouldn`t make it to a jazz concert.



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