[Dixielandjazz] Ira Ironstrings

Bert Joss jaroberts at webtv.net
Sat Dec 20 14:36:44 PST 2003

     I just heard on an unidentified music channel "Deck them Halls" in
stereo from "Ira Ironstrings Plays Santa Claus". I've had a mono
reel-to-reel dub of the original LP since the early sixties. "Deck them
Halls" has become our family Christmas song on many cassette copies, and
I would dearly love to get my hands on the CD. I don't know the original
label, but I DO know that Ira is Alvino Ray. Any suggestions? (I'll be
off-line for two weeks starting tomorrow.) 
    TIA, Bert Joss in Florida

jaroberts at webtv.net

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