[Dixielandjazz] Do it with music

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Sat Dec 20 12:16:07 PST 2003

Mike wrote (& I edited!):

it's due to the fact that Italian audiences for some reason don't have
it in 
their heads that traditional jazz is old fashioned or whatever.  The
same is true in other European places...........

& I reply:

I have many times mentioned that we experience no "pidgeon hole" effect
whatsoever when we play.  People either enjoy the music or not.  There
is no preconceived idea of what they are to hear, so they normally will
be sort of wondering "what is this" when we start, and will have become
wild fans by the end of the concert.  We can mix Muscrat Ramble with
Teach Me Tonight, and no one complains, which is nice for us, as we can
play what strikes the mood.

We spend little or no time talking to the audience, other than a nice
greeting at the beginning, and presentation of the musicians toward the
end.  I normally count the next tune off before applause has died down.
We do it all with music.

Jim Kashishian
Canal Street Jazz Band, now in its 36th yr in Madrid, Spain

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