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Following is a course listing from a local college of (bleeding hearts) 
Liberal arts:

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Bleeding Heart Liberal Studies
BHL: 101

Advanced Common Man Studies

Each student will be provided with one real common man who lacks a job, 
ambition, intelligence, or any personal character to speak of. The goal of 
the course will be to complete a 24-volume biographical thesis of the 
assigned common man, covering all major and minor events from birth through 
death. The student is expected to follow his or her common man around each 
day, and to take detailed notes on the environmental, cultural, and economic 
stimuli that compel the common man to remain a pathetic, unmotivated bum.

A significant part of the student's grade will consist of the "Walk a Mile 
in My Shoes" research project, in which the student will be asked to live 
the remainder of his or her life as an actual "common man". Grades will 
strongly reflect the student's ability to empathize with those less 
fortunate than ourselves.

(Putting the common man out of his misery by suffocating him with a pillow 
during his sleep will not be tolerated, and will result in a reduction of a 
full grade point.)

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