[Dixielandjazz] Gaslamp San Diego Mardi Gras

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Thu Dec 18 18:51:19 PST 2003

Mike said
>the UK Musicians' Union has just decided to allow Disc Jockeys (or
> "turntablists" as they have now taken to calling themselves over here)
> membership in the union.
That is news indeed. I'm glad I resigned over 2 years ago. It is an
organisation in terminal decline. With real musos leaving in droves I
suppose they will have to let in disco merchants. What of their campaign
logo "Keep music Live?"

John Petters
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> Harold,  For this I spent years learning how to read music
> and play an instrument? O tempora, o mores!
> Mike D.
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> >
> >Took Steve Barbone's suggestion and clicked on the Gaslamp
> >Organization's upcoming Mardi Gras bash.
> >
> >Am not at all shocked by what these people propose to present in lieu of
> >music at this festive occasion.  My perlsonal favorite group name is
> >"The Disco Pimps", which ought to, all by itself, validate the famous H.
> >L. Mencken quotation about nobody ever going broke underestimating the
> >intelligence of the American Public.
> >
> >San Diego is abundant in good, even great, jazz bands and players.  They
> >ought to attend this bash and mace the Planning Committee as part of the
> >evening's entertainment.
> >
> >That'd be a whole lot more fun than listening to the Disco Pimps, et.
> >al.
> >
> >Oh, yeah, and I noted they even had a Disc Jockey listed as part of the
> >"entertainment".
> >
> >Have fun, San Diego.
> >
> >Harold Smith
> >
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