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We played a few political gigs over the years, including a wierd one where 
the (in)famous Ken Livingston, now Mayor of London but then a left-wing 
firebrand known as "Red Ken" was due to address a protest march rally of 
union workers. We duly assembled at the start point for the march, but 30 
minutes after the scheduled starting time, there was just the band, five or 
six union organisers, Mr Livingston and his minder and three bona fide 
protest marchers. The chief organiser kept asking us to wait, there would be 
a crowd along any minute, but no-one else turned up. After a while, the band 
made a unilateral decision and set off for the rally point. Once there, Mr 
Livingston commenced his address, but I'm sad to say that the band (having 
been paid) didn't stay to hear the speeches. However, a hundred yards away 
we discovered a small pub under the railway arches, went in for a swift pint 
and ended up in an impromptu jam session with happy patrons enjoying the 
music and a delighted landlady who kept free beer coming across the bar for 
the next couple of hours. Ain't democracy great!!

Mike "Karl Marx knew my grandfather" Durham.

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>Being located in Des Moines, Iowa my band has had the opportunity to play
>for almost every presidential candidate at one time or another over the 
>20 years.  Iowa hosts the first in the nation caucus and other major
>political events leading up to the primary and general election.
>One time we were a featured band at the Iowa Straw Poll event held at 
>Coliseum in Ames.  Every candidate was there and was given strict
>instructions to limit their speech to not more than five minutes to keep 
>show on time.
>There was a main podium from where the candidates spoke, and my band was
>located on a lower platform (a few steps down from the main platform) just
>to stage right of the podium.
>Bob Dole gave his speech and as he approached the five minute mark it was
>obvious that he was not going to finish in time.  At six minutes, the floor
>director was giving him the cutoff sign, which he ignored.  Then they shut
>his mic off mid sentence.
>When this happened, he walked over to the platform my band was playing on
>and grabbed one of the front line mics and started talking again.  At that
>point, the band got a cue to start playing, which we did.
>Dole finally got the hint and left the podium.  The thousands in attendance
>went nuts.
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>Not the weirdest, but certainly the most boring:
>During the Ross Peirot presidential campaign, my K Street Ramblers JB was
>hired to play at a Ross rally at the local Holiday Inn.  We were seated
>on-stage next to the speaker' podium, played trad while the audience was
>assembling, and 'California, Here I Come' as Ross came down the aisle and
>mounted the Podium.  He began to speak immediately and we had no chance to
>leave without disruption.  We were trapped during his dazzling 45-minute
>speech.  Try looking awake and interested through that!
>We weren't scheduled to play any more, and managed to sneak off after Ross
>finished and was basking in his standing ovation.
>Charlie Hull
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