[Dixielandjazz] My lucky day

Norrie Thomson jnt at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 13:00:50 PST 2003

Gee Folks

You are lucky.  I never seem to get these offers.


Norrie Thomson
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Bill, et al:
  The item below came in today's email. Gee, how lucky can a guy be. Perhaps
one of our Dutch friends can tell us more about this lotto. Suggest you do
ot make the phone call, though. You might be surprised at your next phone
bill if youo do.

It is our pleasure to inform you that you have emerged
as a Category "C" winner of the  International Lotto
Netherland. CONGRATULATIONS! You are entitled to a
prize sum of 1,500,000.00 Euros. Reference number for your prize is
IL/FLW/12-C572392379 , ticket number

As a category "C" winner, you have been selected from
a total number of 25,000 names drawn from Asia, Africa,
Europe, Middle East and America. After the computer
ballot of our International Promotions Program, only
Three winners emerged in this category and therefore
are to receive payouts of 1,500,000.00 Euros from the
total 15,000,000.00 Euros for First category winners.

To immediately collect your prize, please contact our
Category "C" financial handlers with information

Mr Samuel Green
Financial Director
Global Security and Finance Company BV
Tel: 0031645588361

Email: samuelgreen4 at netscape.net

Provide prize reference number IL/FLW/12-C572392379
and winning ticket number-A/03-4912 for confirmation. In your best
interests, you must initiate contact within one week of receipt of this
correspondence.Global security and finance company BV will handle all
financial matters with regards to claiming your prize. You are also advised
to send a copy of this email,either by fax or email,to your financial
handler Mr Samuel Green,when contacting him.

You are to keep all lotto information from the
public as we will not entertain cases of multiple
claims processing or compromise the privacy and
security for all winners.

Other necessary International Lotto Netherland

Draw 1 number: 01-11417
Draw 2 number: 02-7962
Draw 3 number: 03-4365
International Lottery code no: IL56009

You may be required to provide any of the above
information during the process of collecting your

Please be informed that NON RESIDENCE of THE NETHERLANDS will  be required
to make a NON DEDUCTABLE advance payment of processment and legal
documentation charges of 1,500.00 Euros to enable our legal department
acquire Naturalization papers from  the Court prior to award payment policy
as required by the paying Financial  Securiry Company.

We congratulate you once again and it is our hope that
you participate in any of our international programs
in the nearest future.
Thank you.


Phillip Johannes.
Promotions Manager
International Lotto Netherlands.<<

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