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Ingemar Wågerman gotariver at goteborg.utfors.se
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I have tried in vain to find information about a Ralph Pollock, who recorded two tunes in New Orleans in 1927. He is not in any of the important  discographies; I don´t even know what instrument he played. CAN ANYBODY HELP, PLEASE??

I have found the following hits on Google:

1.) Ron Sweetman: Recording Activity in New Orleans in the Twenties: 27/10/26 Ralph Pollock and his Orchestra
W 145027-2 Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry (When Nobody's Sorry But Me) Co 1197-D
W 145028-3 An Old Guitar And An Old Refrain Co 1197-D

2.) "Collegiate" Sheet Music. "It features a cartoonman smoking a pipe and a photo of Ralph Pollock and the Victorians…" (My comment: I have a copy of this Sheet Music, but the photo is Paul Zimms Orchestra, not Ralph Pollock!? Anybody knows "the Victorians"?) 

3.) ALAN COOPERMAN RECORD AUCTIONS 319. Co 1197- Ralph Pollock O- An Old Guitar & Old Refrain/ Why Should I Say I'm Sorry E- the only record by this New Orleans band- good A..and hard to find! (This proves that the record exists! - unfortunately I was too late...)

4.) "What Do We Do On A Dew-Dew-Dewy Day featured By Ralph Pollock -Howard Johnson, Chas. Tobias and Al. Sterman - - Irving Berlin Inc. - 1927

5.) Sheet Music "Nighty Night Dear" by Saunders - Ash. Performer: Ralph Pollock. Chicago 1926.

6.) I have also seen that Ralph Pollock's Orchestra played in a movie with Louise Brooks, 1927. No further info available.

7.) There is also a drummer Ralph Pollock (or Pollack??), who recorded with the Barbara Carroll Trio in 1955 (RCA Bluebird). I don´t know if it is the same person.

8.) There are also some other persons called Ralph Pollock on the web, but completely without jazz connections. 

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Gothenburg Sweden
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