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> Someone was right stating that modern jazz festivals are higher class and
> attract younger people.  I assisted in organizing a one-day winter jazz
> festival for Consumnes River College where Dave Brubeck was the headliner.
> The campus was inundated with folks, and ninety percent of them were minors.
> Could it be true that OKOM festivals need to consider hiring a modern jazz
> band to attract audiences, as a tool to expose Dixieland bands?
> -- kymmi
> jazz pianist amateur
> coneyislandgirl at softcom.net

Hello Folks,,

Out of the mouths of babes,   Kymmi is indeed the Horse's Mouth, and a gift 
horse for this list as well,  she is only 17, 

I learned a long time ago promoting teen dances and youth events that if you 
want to be successful with them sit down with them and listen to them and get 
them involved int he process and thigs happen, magic things, Like they show up 
and tell all their friends who also show up and the usually have a good time 
because they feel like they belong to something and it is done for and with 
them  Not AT Them.

Whilst we are taking time to stop and smell the roses, maybe more of us could 
stop by a local school and blow a few numbers once a week and expose some new 
kids every week,  any group that is too busy to do that, must not need 
rehearsal or are booked 365 days a year.
Good on you Kymmi,


Tom Wiggins

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