[Dixielandjazz] New blood for OKOM

Dave Washburn tootn4u at juno.com
Tue Dec 16 03:53:31 PST 2003

At my music store/repair shop we devote the last hour and a half every Saturday afternoon to students who would like to learn some trad jazz. I have sequenced tracks to 75 or 80 tunes along with leads in Band-in-a-box so I can print out melody line with chords in the key of whatever instrument the student has. We also get into some theory and improvisation or whatever they want to learn. A few are becoming regulars to our little jam session. It is free to young or old - just show up to have some fun with music. It is fun to see these kids digging the "new" tunes they are learning. Sometimes we have enough show up so we don't need the tracks. I think there are some youngsters who would like OKOM. They just need a little more opportunity to hear it.

Dave in Dallas
tootn4u at juno.com

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