[Dixielandjazz] Glenn Miller

Dave Hanson jazzdude at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 15 19:56:07 PST 2003


I'm not as old as the audience you are writing to, but I do remember the
story about Glenn and the search that went on after he went missing. As I
recall the story, the Navy and Army Air Corps. searched for almost a week
with no success. When an official was asked by a reporter why the search was
called off, his response was, "Well, he was just a trombone player".

Does anyone remember this story ?.......Fact or fiction ?

Dave Hanson

> Listmates -
>         Fifty-nine years ago today (I can't believe its been that long
> the plane carrying Glenn Miller from England to France disappeared over
> English Channel, and we lost one of the great ones, not only of Swing, but
> of OKOM.  Thought a few of you oldtimers will remember when you heard this
> news.
> George Thurmond
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