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> Seems we have a cadre of lecturers on this list who wish to judge all by
> the yardstick of their own ethical prohibitions.
> Enough, already.  
> Harold Smth

Not a matter of ethics at all Harold,  just reality,

You said you get a roast beef dinner worth 16.95, a cheap bottle of 
Champagne, worth $5.00,    That same cheap bottle of champagne in any bar on any night 
of the week will still cost you $25.00.

Now if you deduct the cost of these two items and say $5.00 for some funny 
hats and noise makers, the bartenders salary which is not several hundred 
dollars even though he has to work an 8 hour shift.

factor in the low wages for the clean up crew, and the normal wage for the 

Now what really drives up the costs of this package is the inflated price 
they must pay for usually a very mediocre band of substitutes since most of them 
have divided up their groups to go get all those High paid New Year's Eve 

I always get my money's worth, I stay home open a good $80.00 bottle of 
cognac, cook a gourmet meal, drink a bottle or two of really good wine with dinner, 
and sit back and watch all the crazy young folks freezing their asses off in 
Times Square waiting to see a dumb ass ball drop, then try to navigate through 
hours of traffic filled with drunk drivers, and not get stopped by the police 
myself.  Not to mention watching the city blow off fireworks at $10,000.00 a 
minute of the taxpayers money.

Musical content"

"Is that all there is?"   Yep fraid so, it really ain't what it was hyped up 
to be now is it?

I gave it up twenty years ago.


Tom Wiggins

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