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Kurt bowermastergroup at qwest.net
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What does that have to do with jazz?  It will give a great boost to the
economy which means perhaps more businesses will be better financial shape
to hire more music for parties, events, etc.  Here in central Iowa, the band
business has been slower than usual since 9-11 and people use it as an
excuse for tighter budgets.

That is what it has to do with jazz.  In fact it has much more to do with
jazz than the recent thread that lasted several days too long about song
titles related to the gay lifestyle.  Very few of the songs listed had
anything to do with OKOM.

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> A Merry Christmas present from our troops in Iraq!

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Eight months after the fall of his government, Saddam
Hussein was captured .........<

Dear Kurt,
So what has any of that to do with jazz???
Kind regards,

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