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Oops, a slight oversight on my part.  I was working at Pleasure Island
(Disney's knock off of Church Street Station).  My regular shift was
Thursday thru Monday 5pm - 12:30am.  Granted your typical park musician
wouldn't have had a problem with booking a high priced New Year's Eve gig
but in our band's case and the other bands on the island this was a big
problem.  Disney marketed the island back then as "A New Year's Eve
Celebration - 365 nights a year!"  It was pretty much a party that happened
every night.  We got edged out of the gig by a DJ, go figure!

Best New Year's Eve gig:  Back in the 80's, a banjo player and I strolled
through the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood CA. playing and eclectic mix of
Dixieland and Country Western as a warm up for a Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton
Concert.  The pay was incredible and I was out and on my way to several
parties by 8:00pm.  I haven't tried to top that one yet.


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	<Now I ask you does a Dentist get more money for filling a tooth on
Saturday than he does 	on Monday-Friday?

	Does a Brain Surgeon get more money for Brain Surgery on Wednesday than he
does on Monday?  	Because it interferes with his golf?>

I agree with most of what you said, but have you ever hired a plumber after
regular hours?  Sit down when you get the bill.

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