[Dixielandjazz] Re: SONGS FOR THE GRAY TRADE.

Mike Durham mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 12 20:23:31 PST 2003

Just thought of some more classics that are just rite for the Gray Panthers:

Cataract Rag
Wob-a-ly Walk
You Forgot To Remember
Numb Fumblin' (or is that more for teenagers making out?)
Where Am I?
Old Folks Shuffle (Clarence Williams)
Who? (and even better, Who Is She?, Who Knows? and best of all, Who Am I?)
It's The Last Time (Louis Hot 5)
Can't You Hear Me Calling, Caroline? (no, she's got her hearing aid switched 
Ole Miss
Forgettable (a big hit for Nat King Cole)

Must close now as I have to go and do something....least I think I 
do.....now, let me see.....


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>My favorite is a Learner & Lowe tune from Gigi, 1958.
>"I'm Glad I'm not Young Anymore."
>Steve Barbone
>PS. Of course "I Got My Heart in San Francisco" isn't bad either.
>Bill Biffle wrote:
> > >Old Man's Liver (sorry about that one!)
> > >The Girl From Emphysema.....
> >
> > I laughed out loud!

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