[Dixielandjazz] Songs to getcha into heaven

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Fifty Miles of Elbow Room is a good one too!
Good thread reverend! You must have spent a lot of time in church...for all
the good it did you!! :~)
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> Hi Mike
> Let's not forget the church folks either,  Or them that's worried bout
> they might be traveling soon, and not takin' any chances.
> Precious Lord Take my Hand
> Just a Closer Walk with Thee
> In the Sweet Bye and Bye
> I'll meet you in the Morning
> Just over the Hilltop
> Nearer My God to Thee
> In that Great Gittin' up Mornin'
> Knockin' on Heaven's Door
> Saints Go Marchin' In
> Do Lord oh Do Lord (Remember Me)
> Climbing Jacob's Ladder
> Lord Lift Me Up
> and the all time Classic  ( Christy Lane)
> One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus.
> Praise De Loard,  Amen
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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