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The New Black Eagles LP, "On The River" was nominated for a Grammy back in
1973 or so.

Ron L

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> Note well that out of 105 musical categories for the GRAMMY'S, with 4 or 5
> nominees
> per category, there is NO OKOM. Unless you consider Brian Setzer's
> "Nutcracker
> Suite" OKOM. ;-) (it's in a Pop category)
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Folks that can be remedied very easily:

I'll bet there are No DJML or Dixieland /OKOM Bands that are even members of

All members get to vote on the Grammy's Folks,

Any lable can also Nominate a CD and or Artist for a Grammy.

Perhaps the OKOM/DIxieland crowd just took themselves out of the game, or
worse yet never entered it.

It's like the Lottery folks,  Ya gotta buy a ticket if ya wanna have a
to win.

I have enjoyed TWO Grammy Nominations for Producer of the year  back in
one for a Jazz Album and one for a Blues Album.


Tom Wiggins
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