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Ricowas a wonderful cornet player plagued with weak chops but when he was on
he was a delight to listen to. I heard him with Rosie McHargues band many
times, and also with some casual dates with Matty Matlock. He worked as a
draftsman to make a livng, but like his idol Bobby Hackett, he shared the
lyrical and harmonic apprach to playing.
He was a rather short little fellow with a blading pate, and a neat little
'stach.  He had dark, Italian look to him. But he was pure American Jazz at
heart. It was my great deligt to have met him and  heard him many times in
my youth growing up in the L.A. area, and he was every bit as inventive in
his ideas as his hero Hackett.
Thanks for bringing his name up. He was a treat to hear.
Don Ingle

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> I am seeking information about Rico Vallese, a cornet/trumpet player who
came from Providence, RI, but who lived and worked on the West Coast. Did
anybody out there know him, or work with him etc.? The only examples of his
playing that I have heard were the sides made by "LaVere's Chicago Loopers"
for the Jump label 2/21/50. but he apparently recorded
> with Joe Alexander 6/2/47, Kid Ory 2/20/54 (recorded at the "Hangover
Club"), and "the Okeefenokee Jug Band"November 1954.I have a notation that
at some point he worked with Bud Freeman,Ben Pollack, and Rosy Mc Hargue,
but did not make a note of where I got this information from.
> Here's hoping.
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