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I think that you'll find that it was Turk Murphy who first popularised 'Mack
The Knife'.  He did the arrangement for Louis who offered a flat rate
payment of $300 or a percentage of the royalties.  Turk took the $300

The 'Threepenny Opera' was based on the 'Beggar's Opera'
Norrie Thomson
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> To the best of my knowledge, Mack the Knife is the English version of
> Mackie Messer in a song from Die Dreigoschen Oper (Threepenny Opera by
> Kurt Weill and Bertold Brelcht), and is based on the play's character,
> MacHeath.
> The oriiginal song from the Opera is called Moritat.  Dick Hyman had a
> hit with it in the mid=1950's in an instrumental version.
> Don't really know who started it on its way as a swing tune, but I
> rather suspect it was Louis Armstrong, followed a few years later by
> Bobby Darrin.
> In its original version, it is a very sardonic and bitter song, sung in
> a nasal Berliner dialect.  Quite effective, and sinister.
> Regards, Harold Smith
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