[Dixielandjazz] Stack 'o' Lee or variations on a theme!

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I don't think so - isn't the character's name MacHeath ("Mackie Messer" in 
German, or Mack the Knife in English, is his nickname) in the original 
Brecht play? I'm sure someone on the list will know!

Mike the Knife

ps music for gay people? Well, if they are Scottish there's always the Gay 

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><The killer was a black man named Lee Shelton. Most of the ballads say
>Stagolee was a gambler, but it appears that he was also a "maquereau", a
>French term
>for pimp - often abbreviated to "mack", which describes men who were kept 
>is this where "Mack" The Knife came from?
>Richard Stevens
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>Hi Rae Ann and others,
>On the subject of the above I can now post the following rather long 
>on the subject which you might fing interesting:-
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